Welcome to Niji no Kakera

Hi everyone!

We are arashiproject and we're really pleased to announce that lovu_lovu_aiba was kind enough to accept our offer to maintain this wonderful community for her and the team!

This means that:

  • We will be maintaining the membership of the community;

  • A new masterpost has been made to direct you to the right entries (we couldn't directly edit some entries, therefore we made a new post for those projects);

  • We have mirrored all the available files on 4 different platforms, so hopefully they will stay up for a really long time and they won't be lost again;

  • If you have any of the dead files listed in the masterpost, please help us by reuploading it in the comment section.


Thank you for your patience and support :)

The arashiproject team~

Membership application

How to apply for membership

- You must apply with a LiveJournal account (no Facebook/Twitter/Google/etc. accounts).
- Your livejournal account must have at least 2 entries and 30 comments posted (you can verify your stats in your profile page: example) This is to ensure that yours is not a sock puppet account.

STEP 1 - Please read the RULES and find the keyword in this entry.
Once you've found the keyword at the link above, please write it as the title of the comment containing your application.

This is our way to make sure you actually read the rules thoroughly. Please read carefully before you write the keyword in your application (If you get it wrong for 2 times, you will get banned).

STEP 2 - Please write a comment to this entry answering to these random questions:

~ Please introduce yourself, where you're from
~ Tell us a random thing about yourself or Arashi
~ Who is your ichiban?
~ What did you have for breakfast today?

Here is an example of the application format :

STEP 3 - Click theJoin button.

Further information:

1. Please don't worry if you aren't accepted right away. We aren't in front of the computer 24/7, but we'll definitely get back to you.

2. If you haven't been accepted in a month, there are two possibilities: either you've been rejected or we missed your application. Should that happen, please verify that your account meets the requirements, check if you have the right keyword, write a new application & click 'join' again. If you’re sure you did everything correctly the first time, you may copy-paste your first comment. (Comments are screened: while you can easily spot your old application because it's the only comment you see, we may not find it because it's buried under dozens of other comments, that's why we ask you to comment again)

3. If you forget to click the 'join' button or it fails to work for some reason, we can still accept your application and send you an invitation to join the community. Please check your community invitations here and remember that LJ will reset it if you don’t accept it within 30 days. If that happens, please apply again.

4. If we find that the rules have been broken in any way, we will try to find the rule breaker by ip address and other methods, but if we cannot find him/her, WE MIGHT PURGE THE COMMUNITY (AGAIN)... Seriously, people, don’t do it... It’s a hassle for us and for the other members of the community ._.

Why do we discourage uploading to streaming sites? LEGAL PROBLEMS. Fansubbing is not exactly legal. We are putting ourselves in danger by taking copyrighted videos, translating them, and then distributing them to you guys. We could get in serious trouble if they were to find us and take action. Putting them on popular streaming websites exposes us and makes it easier for them to find us. By keeping the videos in this LJ community, we can minimize the chances of that happening. This is why we do not allow re-uploading of our videos.

Thank you guys for always being patient and supporting us. Please continue to support us in the future. We will try our best for you guys too. Have a nice day ^^

~nnk staff~

NOTE: Since 8th March 2019 ArashiProject has taken over membership maintenance. If you've applied before that date and aren't a member yet, please send us a new application.
the red aren't amused!

Announcement and RULES!


Welcome to niji_no_kakera ! 

Our short-term projects are to sub all of Arashi's performances, but if possible, we will probably sub TV shows as well. Our works are locked for members only, but for now membership is OPEN // MODERATED // CLOSED

>Please do NOT contact our staff regarding nnk membership, you will get nothing<

• DO NOT upload our subbed videos to online streaming sites (youtube, tudou, dailymotion, dramacrazy, facebook, etc)

• DO NOT share our links anywhere outside the community

• DO NOT sell or distribute the videos in any way

If you join the community, that means you agree with the rules. We severely prohibit our releases from being re-uploaded to streaming sites, so if we find them on any streaming sites, we will:

• Look for the uploader first by ip address and ban immediately

• If we can’t find the uploader via ip address, we will EMPTY the community of all members until we can find a way to stop this problem. (This means that other members who are innocent will get the same treatment. How you act will affect the other members, so please act responsibly)
[keyword : very cuticle!]

• But of course, if you help us find the uploader/ report people who are breaking the rules, we will not ban you. So please cooperate with us.

Sorry for being strict, but we do want to protect our works. The reason we created this group was to share, that’s why we hope you can respect our simple rules. Thank you~

-NNK team-