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31 March 2012 @ 07:03 pm
Master Post of Subbed Videos

Arashi Ni Shiyagare
Episode 47 (2011.06.04) Guests : Korokke & Haraguchi Akimasa
Episode 64 (2011.10.15) Guests : Kitamura Kazuki & Kamenashi Kazuya
Episode 65 (2011.10.22) Guest : Mitani Koki
Episode 70 (2011.11.26) Guest : The Alfee
Episode 74 (2011.12.24) Guests : Chris Matsumura, Matsuko Deluxe, Haruna Ai, Mittsu Mangrove
Episode 76 (2012.01.14) Guest : Ichimura Masachika
Episode 81 (2012.02.18) Guests : Hideboh, Papaya Suzuki & SAM
Episode 87 (2012.04.01) 3rd year SP
Episode 94 (2012.06.02) Encounter the Unknown - Arashi (Mt. Takao)
Episode 105 (2012.08.25) 24-Hour TV (Anishi x Shabekuri 007)  
Episode 107 (2012.09.08) Guests : Ota Yuki, Chida Kenta, Miyake Ryo, Awaji Suguru
Episode 110 (2012.10.20) Guest: Takarazuka Revue Company
Episode 112 (2012.11.03) Guest : DaiGo
2013nen wa Arashi Ichikara Yarinaoshiyagare SP (2013.01.01) Guest : Kondo Masahiko
Episode 134 (2013.05.04) Guest : Takeuchi Riki
Episode 143 (2013.07.20) Guest: Uchida Atsuto [footballer]
Episode 211 (2014.12.13) Guests : Domoto Tsuyoshi & Asada Mai

Himitsu No Arashi-chan
Episode 132 (2011.05.26) Guest : Ayase Haruka
Episode 135 (2011.06.23) Guest : Kinoshita Yukina
Episode 137 (2011.06.30) Guest : Becky
Episode 140 (2011.07.21) Guest : Perfume
Episode 141 (2011.07.28) Guest : Nakatani Miki
Episode 143 (2011.08.11) Guest : Miyazaki Aoi
Episode 149 (2011.10.20) Mannequin 5 SP
Episode 154 (2011.12.01) Guest : Matsushima Nahomi
Episode 155 (2011.12.08)
Episode 156 (2011.12.22) Guest : Kitano Kie
Episode 157 (2012.01.12) Guest : Nakama Yukie
Episode 167 (2012.03.15) Unseen Footage SP
Episode 183 (2012.07.26) Guests : Becky + Yokoyama You
Episode 185 (2012.08.16) Guests : Mochida Kaori & Kashii Yuu

Mago Mago Arashi
Episode 65 (2006.07.29) Castle Town
Episode 66 (2006.08.05) Grandparents
Episode 69 (2006.08.26) Pairing SP

VS Arashi
Episode 132 (2011.04.07) Guests : Team Tunnels
Episode 133 (2011.04.21) Guests : Team Goddess Lost Her Name
Episode 171 (2012.03.30) Guests : Sakai Masaaki, Ikuta Toma, Kikanaito Team
Episode 175 (2012.05.17) Guests : Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones, Athlete Team
Episode 177 (2012.05.31) Guests : Sugimoto Aya, Momoiro Clover Z Team
Episode 196 (2012.10.18) Bet de Arashi
Episode 209 (2013.04.04) Guests : TOKIO, Ashida Mana, Bob Sapp, Rola Army, 'Kamo, Kyoto he Iku' Team
Episode 213 (2013.05.09) Guests: Otake Shinobu, Shochiku Kintaro (comedian team)
Episode 214 (2013.04.18) Guests : Bananaman, Bakarhythm, Kazoku Game Team
Episode 250 (2014.03.06) Guests: Nakada Nobuhiko, "Idai Nara, Shurarabon" Team
Episode 256 (2014.05.08) Bet de Arashi
Episode 281 (2014.11.06) Hawaii SP

Shonen Club Premium - Wish (2006.04.23)
Shonen Club Premium - Happiness (2008.02.17)
Hana Yori Dango Medley (2008.06.27)
Shonen Club Premium - Move Your Body (2008.07.20)
Utaban - My Girl (2009.11.17)
Music Lovers - Yurase Ima Wo (2010.08.22)
Music Lovers - Happiness & Believe (2010.08.22)
MSSL - Wish (2010.12.24)
MSSL - Arashi Medley (2010.12.24)
61s Kouhaku Uta Gassen - Arashi Medley (2010.12.31)
Music Lovers Medley (2011)
Music Station - Lotus (2011.02.25)
Music Station - Medley (2011.04.01)
Music Station - Mada Minu Sekai e (2011.07.15)
Music station - Meikyuu Love Song (2011.11.11)
FNS - Meikyuu Love Song (2011.12.07)
62ndKouhaku Uta Gassen - Arashi Medley (2011.12.31)
Utaban - A day in Our Life
Beautiful World Concert - Niji No Kakera ~No Rain No Rainbow~ (2012.05.23)

Tensai! Shimura Doubutsuen
Aiba cut (2009.07.18)
Masaki.com cut (2011.06.18)
Sho cut (2011.09.03)
24Hour TV (2012.08.26)

Green Label
Mario Cart
Super Mario

8ji da J - Nino Cut (1998.07.15)
Miscellaneous (Jouhoutsuu) - Sho (2003.01.17)
Miscellaneous (Jouhoutsuu) - Jun (2005.01.11)
Dramatic living room (watashi ga renai dekinai riyuu cut) (2011.10.10)
Hey3x! - talk part (2011.11.07)
Ichiban Song Show - Ohno cut (2011.11.16)
Fuku Arashi 1-6 (2011.12.27 - 2012.01.02)
Kouhaku Flash (2011.12.05)
Johnnys Countdown - Arashi cut (2011.12.31)
Kotatsu De Arashi (2012.01.03)
Arashi Birthday Message
PV - Meikyuu Love Song (short Version)
PV - Meikyuu Love Song (Full Version)

Pikaru no Teiri Kagi no Kakatta Heya cut (2012.04.11)
Ohno Satoshi's Disney Documentary (2012.08.22)
24-Hour TV Arashi no Mirai Kikaku - Sakurai Sho (2012.08.25)
24-Hour TV Arashi no Mirai Kikaku - Matsumoto Jun (2012.08.26)
24-Hour TV Arashi no Mirai Kikaku - Ninomiya Kazunari (2012.08.26)
24-Hour TV Arashi no Mirai Kikaku - Ohno Satoshi (2012.08.26)
Aiba Masaki's Debut Kids (2012.09.20)
Fuku Arashi 1 (2012.12.27)
Fuku Arashi 2 (2012.12.28)
Fuku Arashi 3 (2012.12.29)
Fuku Arashi 4 (2012.12.30)
Fuku Arashi 5 (2012.12.31)
Fuku Arashi 6 (2013.01.01)
Fuku Arashi 7 (2013.01.02)
Kotatsu de Arashi (2013.01.03)
Kazoku game trailer and CMs
Honma Dekka - Ninomiya Kazunari's Life Problem (2013.03.13)
Tokudane! Platinum Data Promotion (2013.03.21)
Nazodi Tokuban in Singapore- Nazotoki ha Dinner no Mae ni (2013.08.09)
Honma Dekka - Sakurai Sho's Destined Person (2013.08.14)
Waratte Koraete - Aiba cut (2013.08.21)
Music Station - talk, ministe, performance (2013.10.25)
Music Station - talk with KinKi Kids + performance (2013.10.25)
Osusume - Tokyo Live 24ji (2014.03.29)

On Going Projects

(Translating - Timing - Editing - Typesetting - QCing - Encoding + Uploading)

Update : 2015.01.07
[2012.01.01] Arashi Ni Shiyagare #75 - translating
[2012.03.24] Arashi ni Shiyagare #86 2 Hours Spring Special Guest: Hikaru Ohta - timing
[2012.08.25 - 2012.08.26] 24-hour TV Mirai Kikaku (All members cut) - Aiba (translating)
[2013.02.28] VS Arashi #207 (Arashi + Hideyuki Nakayama vs. International Team) - timing
[2014.05.15] VS Arashi #257 - Momoiro clover Z team (collaboration with bunnyandclover) - translating
[2004.05.01] Arashi no Waza ari - timing
[2014.03.29] Arashi ni Shiyagare #170 - Takeuchi Tomoka - Translating
[2014.01.23] VS Arashi #244 - (Arashi + TKO vs. Boku no ita jikan Team) - Translating

The list may change according to our situation and condition but we will try to update it regularly.

We decided to not do any video that other subbers did/doing, so please tell us if you see we have same projects with other team, if it's possible we will stop the process and change plan to other videos. We want to bring you as much as we can. Also, we are sorry but for now we don't take any request, except it stated.

Any question? Please feel free to ask :)

-NNK team-
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01 August 2018 @ 08:36 am

Hello, it's been a while!

How have you been guys?

It's not a while actually yeah, it's been 3 years, time flies so fast. So we have a little announcement, we got bunch of messages about broken links and right now, we are re-uploading (actually the lovely massu_piggy has started it long time ago, so please re-check the videos you want to download). If the links are still broken, please be patience~ Just a lil bit more patience (I know that 3 years is like too much for waiting), we are still trying to upload it one by one and struggle with real life at the same time :D

Anyway, have a nice day! And see you!

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25 December 2014 @ 05:53 pm

Dang it RL hates us and always hurls stuff at us right before all the important dates!! ><

But it's ok cause we're here now to celebrate...

Our precious Christmas Eve baby's birthday!!!

And what better way of celebrating then throwing him with other Johnny's?

... If I saw these 5 people at a crosswalk... (☼Д☼)

ANYWAYS... Today is supposed to be about Aiba!

Well then, senpais, kouhais, give me three things you think are most amazing about our birthday boy here!

Number 1!!

Miracle Boy!!! I agree. ^^
Birthday boy~Collapse )

Post will be open for 1 week for TOKIO, Kinki, NEWS, and Kanjani Fans. Enjoy your holidays everyone~ ^^
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22 November 2012 @ 04:09 pm
Hello there dear fellow nnk! :D

We’ve been posting lots lately eh? We hope you are okay to keep get post spamming from us, because we aren’t done yet for this month *coughspoilerenoughcough*

First of all we’ve re-uploaded some of our broken links, while some still waiting for the process to be completed, though it’s still limited download for mediafire files. We hope we will manage to re-upload all files to filecloud soon. If you want to download something from us before this and the links were broken, please check the post again! :D

Other than that, we plan to expand our team again~ We need more people to join us! ^^

1. Translators (Japanese to English) and (Chinese to English)
Requirements :

*Understand Japanese and/or chinese language well.

*Know standard english.

*Serious when completing task.

*Have enough time to online or at least you are sure we can reach you easily.

2. Typesetters

*Have experience on typeset before (including timing).

*Serious when completing task.

*Have enough time to online or at least you are sure we can reach you easily.

3. Encoder

*Special for encoder, we hope to have someone who can gives fast response (either you can encode or not at that time). We prefer to contact you through phone or anything where you don't need days to respond.

*Detail oriented (since the encoder has to watch the video first before encode it and make sure that there is nothing amiss in the sub (for example, maybe the QC forgets to send a font and the typeset becomes messed up).

*Have experience to encode or willing to learn (We usually use total video converter, virtual dub and avidemux).

*Fast internet? We think yeah, you will need to have fast internet.

Welcome dear staff-to-be! We sincerely hope you could join us and hope to have you in the future of NNK. For those who are interested, you can leave comment here and we will contact you as soon as possible (Comments will be screened).

Feel free to join us. We're waiting for you.

Though we prefer long term staff, but if there is one day you think you need to stop, either for a short period or for good, we won't force you to continue. No worries ^^

-NNK team-
P/S :We are serious and sincere in this, hope the applicants are being the same ^^
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12 November 2011 @ 03:51 pm
How to apply/reapply for membership

1. PLEASE READ/REREAD THE RULES and find the keyword at http://niji_no_kakera.livejournal.com/868.html
Please make sure you found the keyword in the link given above and write it as title before you start to write your application/reply.

Note: Please read carefully before you decide to write the keyword in your application (If you get it wrong for 2 times you will get ban from community [edit : 2013.04.26], deleting your old post will be useless as well, because we have our own record, let's make this thing easier for both of us ^^ because we really love to have you in community)

Please understand this point as our way to know you read the rules throughly and carefully :)

2. Please write us a short/long comment (we don’t mind to read really ^^) and answer our random questions.

~ Please introduce yourself, where you from
~ Tell us random thing about yourself or Arashi
~ Who is your ichiban?
~ What’s your breakfast today?

Random questions are random, that’s just the way we are~ :D
p/s : Don’t worry about your English (if any of you been worried about it), we certainly will understand whatever you write~

Here the example of application format :

3. Click the “Join” button.

There are some conditions you need to understand :

1. Please be patient while waiting for us to add you back. We can’t be in front of computer 24/7. Thanks for being understanding.

2. We will also look at how active you are in other Arashi communities and other factors to determine your membership. This is to ensure that no sock puppet account will be approved. Sorry that we can’t accept any account that logged in with Facebook, Twitter nor Google account for the moment. We will only add whom with LJ account.

3. If you are not accepted within a month then there are two possibilities, either you are rejected or we missed your application (we are sorry but to err is human). Please re-read your application. If you are sure you have done all we asked and sure that there is no reason for us to reject you, please write new application (copy and paste of first application is understandable). =) Please don’t edit/delete your last post after you got rejected, we might miss it. Just write a new one will do. ^^

4. Some of you might have forgotten to click join button after you send your application. We will send invitation to you if you are accepted. If you are one of them, and wondering why you didn’t added as member yet after so long, you might have forgotten to on your notification for community invitation. Please check for it at http://www.livejournal.com/manage/invites.bml. LJ will cancel the invitation if it has expired (30 days). If that happen, please join again. Copy and paste your previous application is understandable, don’t forget bout the keyword ya. ^^

5. If we find that the rules have been broken in any way, we will (again), try to find the rule breaker by ip address and other methods, but if we cannot find him/her, WE MIGHT PURGE THE COMMUNITY (AGAIN)... Seriously people don’t do it... It’s a hassle for us and other members of the community ._.

Why we discourage uploading to streaming sites? LEGAL PROBLEMS. Fan-subbing is not exactly legal. We are putting ourselves in danger by taking copyrighted videos, translating them, and then distributing them to you guys. We could get in serious trouble if they were to find us and take action. Putting them on popular streaming websites exposes us and makes it easier for them to find us. By keeping the videos in this LJ community, we can minimize the chances of that happening. This is why we do not allow re-uploading of our videos.

Thank you guys for always being patient and supporting us. Please continue to support us in the future. We will try our best for you guys too. Have a nice day^^

~nnk staffs~

p/s: Comments will be screened.

Last edited on 26 April 2013.
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